An easy to assemble kit for quick order, delivery and installation.

SDI Dry Cure Box
This quick install kit is designed for quick delivery and fast installation. Each kit comes complete with insulated panels, locking door, Cannatrol™ control system, touch screen monitor, integrated scale rack, supplemental air movement, ceiling mounted Vaportrol™ equipped evaporators and chiller.

Every system include 1 rolling rack with integrated scale for real-time water weight loss monitoring.

Control the Cycle

Produce stable 'dry' flowers in 4-5 days that are ready for a the cure cycle.

Quick Assembly

Customize the Process

Set up to five unique environmental profiles - Time, Temp, Dew Point and Air Movement.

Repeatable Results

Watch Real Time Weight Loss

Every kit comes with an integrated scale system mounted on a cart to allow for real-time monitoring of water weight loss.

Complete Solution

Easy to Assemble

Systems can be easily assembled and connected by a local mechanical contractor and electrician.

Food Grade

We can design a system to your production specs. Whether you choose a stock system or custom, you'll get the same breakthrough Dry/Cure technology.

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