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Patent Pending Technology

Consistent control of temperature and vapor pressure is critical to successful curing, drying and aging. Traditional HVAC systems are known to  cause erratic conditions in drying and curing spaces  and can create a potentially disastrous situation for products that need stable, controlled environments.

Vaportrol™ Technology levels out the curing, drying and aging environment in every season, climate and geography.  It takes the guess work and the risk out of seasonal humidity, and temperature swings. With this patent pending technology, you have complete control of the drying and curing  process.

Using Vaportrol™, you have independent control of  both temperature and dew point, adjusting the vapor pressure to fine tune conditions throughout the drying and curing process.  No other dry/cure solution offers this unique, advanced, patent-pending technology.

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We like to can't fool physics.  While the conditions required for cheese, meat and cannabis are all unique, the physics are the same.    What do all three have in common?   They are all sold by weight.  The success of all these products is based on both superior raw materials and excellent maker skills, but controlled water loss and correct final water content are critical to finishing the product properly.  Over-drying any of these products results in inferior, inconsistent product quality and, importantly, lost profits.

Vaportrol™ Technology was developed by an independent inventor who holds 14 patents, most related to HVAC technologies. The technology was originally developed to solve an environmental control problem at one of the country's top cheese makers.  The system was so effective that other cheese makers with similar problems  heard about the systems and wanted to get control of their aging rooms.  It didn't take long before hundreds of systems were installed all over North America (there are even a few in Hawaii).  Once the technology was proven in the cheese making world, it was easily adapted to the world of dry aged and cured meats.  From there, cannabis was the next obvious application.