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Take complete control of the
drying and curing process

Proven Technology

Vaportrol® Technology, originally developed for the cheese aging industry, gives you independent control of  both temperature and dew point, adjusting the vapor pressure to fine tune conditions throughout the drying and curing process.  No other dry/cure solution offers this unique, advanced, patented technology. No myths, just science.

Real Results

When flowers are over-dried, overall quality is compromised, terpenes are lost and smoke is harsh - not to mention reduction of the final potential sale weight of your product. Imagine delivering 60% more terpenes, 20% more potency  AND increasing your final weights by 1-3% and what that can mean to your business.

Scalable Solutions

We offer a complete range of sizes. We offer a full range of design services for large scale grow operations. The 160# kits are designed for dispensaries and mid sized growers, or as a modular solution for large growers. Cannatrol Cool Cure units are sized for the small home grower.

Increase Potency

Get the most out of your genetics. Show off what your flowers really can deliver by maximizing potency.

Increase Terpene Retention

Improved terpene retention delivers more of the 'goods' to your customers. The superior quality of your flowers will keep customers loyal and coming back for consistent premium quality.

Customers Prefer Us

In a sensory evaluation, flowers dried and cured in the SDI Cannatrol system were preferred 2:1 over traditional dry cure. Twice as many respondents indicated the flowers were more pungent.
Control has never been more important

Growing a quality product is a significant financial commitment.

Genetics, nutrients, power and labor all get calculated into the cost of the grow cycle.  With that much investment in the grow process,  it is critical to assure the product is dried and cured in a clean, correct environment.  Anything less can result in a total loss of your harvest.

The SDI Dry/Cure System with Cannatrol™ Controls, assures not only a terrific aesthetic result with superior organoleptic properties, but keeps the harvest free of pests and mold (both visible and invisible) that can destroy a harvest or worse.

By managing vapor pressure and temperature you will gently control water removal.  A dry cycle might last anywhere from 3-6 days depending on the cultivar and your personal preferences. Program the temperature and dew point conditions you prefer and the length of time.  Using the 'ramp' function (with up to 5 settings), you can gently control the rate of water loss to reach the optimal water activity for your flowers.  

Once your flowers are stable, its time to shift into the cure mode.  Select your temperature and dew point and the system can hold your harvest in a perfectly controlled environment for as long as you wish.  No burping, no maintenance. When your are satisfied with your cure, store in a sealed container  or continue to hold until you are ready to pack and sell.

What's the Buzz

In a recent sensory panel comparing flowers processed in a the SDI/Cannatrol System to product that was conventionally dried,
the respondents preferred the flowers dried in the SDI/Cannatrol System 2:1

"This system is a game changer"

"I've got terps for days"

"Everyone should dry and cure their meds this way"

"This system is essential to any grower"

SDI Custom Robust Industrial Controls

The Cannatrol Control System offers data logging and real time monitoring of all the critical conditions in the Dry/Cure Box. The integrated scale function allows users to monitor real time water loss.

Every commercial dry/cure system is outfitted with a 7" easy to navigate touch screen control.

Users have remote operating capability via android and ios.

SDI Food Grade Construction

All our systems, whether the stand alone boxes or custom sized rooms are built of only food grade monolithic materials. We understand sound sanitary practices. Every surface is well sealed and easily cleanable.

We use anti microbial fabric ducting in our rooms that can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced.

Our history is in food processing and we carry those practices and materials with us, no matter where we build.

To learn more about building panels visit the Sanitary Designs Website

Custom Rooms
Let's talk about your production demands, and design a drying and curing space that works for your business

We offer a full range of design services for complete build-outs. Our panel systems and custom doors come in a variety of finishes to meet the specifications of your project.

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160# Capacity Kit
Get up and running quickly with this easy to install kit

Quick delivery and assembly is the key to these modular boxes. We will help you choose a size based on your production needs.

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Cannatrol Cool Cure
All the dry and cure technology in a small package for home growers

Designed for smaller home grows, this little box will dry and cure up to 2.5 pounds of wet flower and doubles as a storage unit once your harvest is perfectly processed.

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